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My Online Income Streams - News
A Story of Success and Failure

Hi there!

My name is Javier Arpa, and I'm pretty sure you don't know my name because, and let me tell you this first and in bold:

I'm Not the Last Internet Guru!

Honestly, I'm just an ordinary guy trying to setup my automated Internet income streams.

I've been working towards that goal for over two years now. Although I'm not earning even $300/day from the net, at least I've run past my first serious disappointments and suffered a few scams, but I've managed to keep my determination to succeed intact.

And you know what? I don't mind telling you about my failures, which seems to be a unique approach now that I think about it, because I don't recall any of the gurus sharing their failure stories. But then again, I'm not a guru so who cares? :)

Anyway, I'm glad to present you my story of successes and failures at earning money from the net.

Are you interested in making money working at home?

Interested in setting up multiple streams of income?

Even some AUTOMATED streams of income?

Then it would be smart of you to study my failure stories carefully and learn the reasons behind them.

Learn how to identify the scams too because, believe me, they're here to stay.

Oh, and I'll share some success stories too. I'm not a guru, but not a complete failure either!

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